Your Body is Built to Heal

Jan 15, 2019
Can you relate to any of this?
“There’s nothing wrong with you”
“Your labs are normal”
“It’s in your head”
“Well, you’re at that age….it’s just a normal part of getting older”
“Maybe you’re just depressed-have you thought about taking antidepressants?”
This is one of the only photos I have from when I was sick and it’s not even my full face. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to leave my house or be around other people for fear of what they would say or think. I was deflated and hopeless because the doctors kept telling me it was nothing and I was creating it in my head.
I remember what it felt like going from doctor to doctor trying desperately to stay hopeful and positive. I wasn’t sleeping at night, the skin around my eyes and lips were swollen and peeling off my face, and I had so much intestinal pain that I would avoid eating because I couldn’t handle how much it hurt when the food would pass through my body. Sometimes laying in bed at night I would wonder if I was going to wake up the next morning. Maybe the docs missed something serious or maybe I hoped I would die in my sleep because I was tired of being in so much pain. I felt useless and worthless. Nothing is worse than dealing with a chronic mystery illness.
After 10 years of what seemed like an endless struggle, I’ll never forget what it felt like to get my life back again! Not one day goes by that I let myself forget how luck and grateful I am to wake up after sleeping through the night and have energy and joy in my life again. I never get sick and I never even think I might get sick again. It’s just not a part of who I am anymore.
Sometimes I can’t believe it’s finally truly over. I made a promise to never forget what it felt like to be in that invisible prison of chronic mystery illness and I made a promise that if I ever found a way out, I’d help others to do the same! I’m here to keep that promise.
You can’t give up. Your body is built to heal and I can tell you how to fix what’s in the way of that process. I can tell you why your labs are normal even though you struggle with chronic symptoms that keep you from living your best life. I can help you get your health and your life back and keep it! You don’t have to keep going in circles and spending infinite time and money trying to figure things out.
Please come to my one-hour FREE Live Online Info Session with Q&A “How to Get Rid of Your Chronic Mystery Symptoms and Get Your Health Back and Keep It!” I’ll share my story with you and tell you how I helped hundreds of my patients get their health and their life back. It’s your time so please sign up and I hope to see you there!