5 Layers to Chronic Illness & Auto Immune

May 09, 2019

Whether it’s allergies, food sensitivities, digestion issues, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, or brain fog, you can reverse what is causing this oppressive, frustrating state of being.

Let's talk about how you got sick in the first place and the 5 layers to illness. Think of it like a 5 layer bean dip! Learn more about HOW here: https://www.monicahershaft.com/how-you-got-sick

Your Body WANTS to Heal and Repair

  • Your body is built to heal, repair, and maintain balance.
  • You can help your body heal by removing what's interfering with the repair process.
  • The good news is if you're suffering chronically from multiple symptoms and can't get a diagnosis, you can still reverse it

How to Heal, Repair and Stay Healthy

Address the layers in reverse order with a combination of:

  • the right food and nutrition
  • handling the toxins
  • getting on the right supplements for your body

The body will heal in the reverse order that it got sick. Once this is accomplished, it will put your body back in its original working order so that it can do its job properly and keep itself balanced. Your body was built to:

  • recognize "enemies" like pathogens and fight them off
  • keep itself and its organs balanced and working properly
  • handle toxicity and drain it out so it won't damage the body and cause inflammation

Once the body is managing itself on that level, you don't ever have to be sick again!

Keeping the right fuel in your body (food) and learning how to avoid the major toxins in our daily life with changing some habits can keep you healthy moving forward. If you get exposed to "enemies" your body should be able to recognize them and fight them off properly as long as it's not overburdened with toxicity and bad "fuel" (food/nutrition) and you are on the right supplement program to keep you balanced!

It's so easy once you know. You are just missing the owner's manual to your body. Once you get it, you don't ever have to be sick again!

WATCH the video here!