Do you have metal fillings?

Aug 14, 2019
Metal fillings and Candida lead to many chronic symptoms.
If you have metal fillings, that means you have mercury AKA heavy metals. Heavy metals attract fungus (Candida) and overgrowth of fungus (Candida) in turn causes food allergies, food sensitivities, and leaky gut.
Leaky gut is a condition where there are little holes...
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Chronic Symptoms & Normal Labs

Aug 09, 2019
Chronic symptoms but normal labs? This is quickly becoming the norm! Let me explain what’s happening…
20 or 30 years ago people would get symptoms and go to the doctor. The doctor would run labs and find something abnormal and prescribe meds.
A lot has changed since then! The toxins in our daily life have more than quadrupled and the food is so altered that...
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Teeth Can Cause Other Symptoms

Aug 08, 2019
Can your teeth cause OTHER SYMPTOMS in your body? The answer is YES!
Check out the FREE Interactive Tooth Meridian Chart Online on my "Recommendations" page here:
Each tooth is related to an acupuncture meridian which is related to various organs, tissues and glands in the body on this particular meridian...
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Tap Water Making You Sick?

Jul 22, 2019
Ever have trouble with a recurring chronic symptom? You think it’s gone but then it comes back again? Allergies, sinus infections, dry itchy skin, recurring colds/flus?
Tap water is contributing to chronic symptoms. The United States is required to have a detectable level of chlorine in tap water to help prevent contamination. Chlorine is a HUGE immune suppressor and causes...
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Help for Chronic Illness

Jul 20, 2019
Some people feel like this about trying to get help for their chronic illness:
“What if it doesn’t work? I’m afraid of being disappointed and let down again.”
“I can’t afford it. I don’t want to spend any more money.”
“What if I get worse?”
Worries about getting worse every time I tried something new or went...
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Reversing AutoImmune

Jul 19, 2019
Did you know that autoimmune conditions CANNOT be successfully reversed without addressing the underlying issues that caused the body to behave this way?
Auto immune is defined as “A disease in which the body's immune system attacks healthy cells.” which can blanket describe over 80% of any chronic illness! It’s really a “blanket diagnosis”.
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Learn How To Get Your Health Back & Keep It

Jul 18, 2019
Would you be interested in:
• A chance to get a free phone consult with me reviewing your health history and receiving personal input
• A chance to get a free food log review with feedback from me
• Free access and instructions to my Symptom Survey Tracker
If yes then keep reading and sign up now for my FREE online live health talk with Q&A “How to...
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FREE Live Online Health Talk July 25th at 5:30pm

Jul 17, 2019
I truly believe that every person out there who is dealing with chronic mystery symptoms can get their health back. There is a system. You can get your health back and keep it if you know what the system is and you follow the correct steps.
Sign up for my FREE online live Health Talk with Q&A "How to Get Rid of Your Chronic Mystery Symptoms & Get Your Health Back"
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Get Your Health and Life Back

Jul 15, 2019
This is me hanging out with my dad in Baltimore creating memories and riding a scooter for the first time!
There was a time when I was so sick that I never thought I would have the energy to be able to even stand up or balance myself on a scooter. This kind of joy felt impossible. That moment "scooting" with my dad was pure bliss for me.
Ever since I got my health back, I've...
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Is it Depression? Is it Anxiety? Is it Physical?

Jul 13, 2019
Depression and anxiety are symptoms and some people can get symptoms of depression and/or anxiety when they have PHYSICAL ISSUES.
When I was sick for almost a decade in 1999, I went from doctor to doctor and nobody could find anything. Almost every doctor I went to told me that because they couldn’t find anything that it was in my head and I should take anti-depressants.
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